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Brian C. Grieser, P.E., C.P.S.M., CSP, CPE

Mr. Grieser is a Senior Consultant and Director of Technology and Instrumentation. He holds master’s and bachelor’s degrees from the University of Michigan in Industrial and Operations Engineering and Naval Architecture & Marine Engineering, respectively. He is a licensed Professional Engineer (P.E.), a Certified Product Safety Manager (C.P.S.M.), a Certified Safety Professional (CSP), a Certified Professional Ergonomist (CPE), and a Certified XL Tribometrist (CXLT).

Mr. Grieser’s recent professional activities include studies on floor slip resistance measurement; human vibration and acceleration exposure measurement and analysis; recreational boat design, watercraft occupant safety, and towed watersports safety; time and motion; product, occupational, and premises safety assessments; accident investigation; warnings design and evaluation; and human movement, climbing, and stability analysis.  Mr. Grieser has expertise in the following areas:

  • Walkway slip resistance assessment
    • Lecturer at the University of Michigan
    • Active participant on American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) Committee F13 on Pedestrian/Walkway Safety and Footwear
    • Versed in state of the art equipment
      • English XL Variable Incidence Tribometer (VIT)
      • Brungraber Mark II Portable Inclinable Articulated Strut Tester (PIAST)
    • Published author: “Slip Resistance: Field Measurements Using Two Modern Slipmeters”
    • Assessed slip resistance of all kinds of surfaces from hotel bathtubs to fire truck climbing surfaces to shoe soles.
  • Premises safety
    • Consults for Fortune 500 companies on a variety of premises safety issues.
    • Assesses building code and ADA compliance at properties such as hotels, restaurants, strip malls, and parking lots.
  • Water skiing/boating
    • Performs a variety of boating and PFD related studies for U.S. Coast Guard
    • Lifelong water skier
    • Member of USA Water Ski, American Boat and Yacht Council (ABYC), and Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers (SNAME)
    • Designed and supervised construction of private water ski lakes
    • Directed/hosted USA Water Ski sanctioned tournaments
    • Certified SCUBA diver
  • Electronic data acquisition and time study
    • Performs numerous studies in a variety of environments: food processing, service, manufacturing, ocean/lakes, industrial and recreational vehicles.
    • Author on “Methods for Measuring Task Times with Emphasis on Discreet Observations”
  • Human vibration and biomechanics testing / analysis
    • Performs numerous human vibration/shock studies involving boats, locomotives, industrial trucks and equipment, power hand tools, seats, etc.
    • Performs human force exertion studies involving heavy trucks, railroad switches, fuel container caps, etc.
    • Conducted independent study of human impact loading during activities of daily living.

Mr. Grieser is a member of several professional societies including the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society, the American Society for Testing and Materials, the Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers, the American Boat and Yacht Council, and USA Water Ski. Mr. Grieser has authored and co-authored publications addressing recreational boat design and occupant protection, human vibration and shock, floor slip resistance measurement, time study, hazard analysis, and warnings.

States and countries where Mr. Grieser has consulted or provided expert witness services include:
Alabama • Alaska • Arizona • Arkansas • California • Colorado • Connecticut • Delaware • Florida • Georgia • Hawaii • Idaho • Illinois • Indiana • Iowa • Kansas • Kentucky • Louisiana • Maine • Maryland • Massachusetts • Michigan • Minnesota • Mississippi • Missouri • Montana • Nebraska • Nevada • New Jersey • New Hampshire • New Mexico • New York • North Carolina • Ohio • Oklahoma • Oregon • Pennsylvania • Rhode Island • South Carolina • South Dakota • Tennessee • Texas • Utah • Virginia • Washington • Washington• D.C. • West Virginia • Wisconsin • Wyoming • U.S. Virgin Islands • Australia • Brazil • Canada • Greece • Mexico • United Kingdom

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