Applied Safety + Ergonomics
Forensic Time Study

Applied Safety and Ergonomics provides reliable and scientific time and motion study analysis for wage and hour disputes. Our diverse team of consultants and video professionals has experience answering technical questions in Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) class-action lawsuits around the country.

Our time and motion studies typically involve:

  • On-site visits with direct and continuous observation of tasks
  • Customized data collection techniques using trained consultants and videographers
  • Evaluation/validation of time for secondary activities such as walking to workstations
  • Unobtrusive data gathering to capture natural behavior
  • Specialized equipment:
    • High-end, customized video equipment allowing continuous HD recording for 20+ hours
    • Specialized mounts for camera placement flexibility
    • Proprietary time study app for real-time data collection and statistical analysis
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We have specialized expertise in timing and analyzing donning, doffing, and sanitizing of protective clothing/PPE, as well as off-the-clock and overtime work. We use accepted industrial engineering methods that afford flexibility in application and segregation of avoidable delays. Sophisticated statistical analysis enables us to efficiently collect and analyze data to desired confidence levels.

We additionally provide the following:

  • Evaluation and analysis of data collected by other parties
  • Preparation of trial exhibits and demonstratives
  • Exemplar and annotated video and animation
  • Expert testimony in litigation

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Applied Safety and Ergonomics has been providing valuable analysis, insight, answers, training, data, and problem solving strategies in consultation and expert witness capacities to help clients make informed decisions since 1994.